churc hdown park 10th october 2021

Today we made a welcome return to Churchdown Park where we worked on the ponds and alongside the Orchard. there were seven of us and we split into two groups one on the ponds and the other cutting back overhanging branches from the Orchard.

Continuing our task to remove Water Soldier and a proportion of Reedmace/Bulrush from the five ponds. This meant getting stuck in literally and pulling up the reed by hand and raking out the water soldier. We were told by a couple who were walking round that they had been involved in the original scheme at the site, they apologised for having included water soldier in the planting mix as it has spread (or marched) from one pond originally into two others.

Raking out water soldier
getting down and dirty with reeds

the other group were busy removing branches overhanging the orchard and clearing back vegetation from the fence. It was also an opportunity to fill a few bags with apples from the orchard (mostly Gloucestershire varieties) so thank you to the Parish Council for that.

It was a splendid day and we managed to complete 4 of the 5 ponds and virtually all the cutting back, so well done all who turned out. Another visit is due here in the new year.

removed reed
Raking out from ponds
the after effect.

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