2024.04.21 Quedgeley Arboretum LNR


Our 1st visit for a year to this popular site in the heart of Quedgeley. 8 volunteers met up on a sunny day amongst the trees to help keep this countryside oasis flourish. We concentrated on our typical activities of pond maintenance, weed control around the front boundary hedge, path clearance, cutting back Ivy, litter picking and dead wood stacking.

. A garden with bushes and grass

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The boundary hedge we planted several years ago is flourishing. Nettles and creeping weeds can overwhelm it and keeping it weeded helps initial impressions of the reserve to visitors

A small puddle in a grassy area

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The pond we have worked on for quite a few years and it has recovered to the point it has water constantly in it! The reeds however quickly overwhelm it so need thinning. Quite a few sticks and bits of debris somehow end up in there too, all removed. The edges were also cleared of grass growing in from the surrounding banks.

A path through a forest

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To finish our activities we cut thick Ivy branches from mature trees, litter picked, although it is pleasingly free of general litter, and cut back overgrowth from some of the paths.

We enjoyed walking around the reserve taking in the sights and sounds of the wildlife.

A field of flowers and grass

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A sea of wild flowers today – see below

A group of people working in the woods

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Planting wild flowers – November 2019

We look forward to visiting again in the Autumn

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