2024.02.25 tree planting & pruning at lodge farm, emley castle, GVCV TASK

On Sunday 25th February 2024, GVCV volunteers met Tim & Nola Lea at their farm in Emley Castle. 

The farm is managed under ‘higher level stewardship’ a government scheme that provides funding to farmers and other land managers in England in return for delivering environmental and wildlife benefits on their land. Tim and Nola have transformed their farm over several years into a haven for wildlife.

The group helped on three key tasks and in reward were treated to an excellent cooked lunch of venison and veggie lasagne.  

The first task was replacing native trees which has died. This involving shifting metal tree guards and replanting new trees in a new location to increase their chances of survival.

Tree guard group rolling

Second task was removing ties from the trees that had survived.  This isn’t as simple as it sounds as the photos shows.

Requires long arms and a ‘can do’ attitude

Third task was a spot of pruning of the orchard planted by GVCV many years ago. It was rewarding to see how quickly the trees have grown.

Candy and her big long pole

Thanks to Tim and Nola for a great day and for taking some photos.

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