2021.05.23 Churchdown Park

A return visit to this lovely site with a wide range of habitats, play areas and allotments too. Today we continued clearing Water Soldier, Reedmace and blanket weed from five ponds, this allows more light into the ponds and keeps them as waterbodies for all the wildlife that uses them.

Pulling reedmace

An overcast and cooler day for May but welcome in a way, with all our pulling and raking. And we had another chance to use the waders…

Waders displayed by the delectable Trina

We came across a Moorhen nest whilst removing reed so stopped what we were doing and moved on to another pond. Fortunately the hen bird returned to her nest and didn’t seem perturbed. Newts were found in another 2 of the ponds which was exciting.

We had completed much of what we had hoped to do….

half the reed removed to open up pond

…and so deserved a bit of recreation:

Rob decides to try out a new mode of transport

Well done all.

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