2023.02.19   Stinchcombe Hill tree works

On Sunday 19th February 2023, volunteers from GVCV gathered at Stinchcombe Hill. Stinchcombe Hill which is part of the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (A.O.N.B.) supports a wide diversity of plants and animals. The hill includes important areas of Unimproved Cotswold Limestone Grassland (U.C.L.G.).

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Working at the margins to maintain a clear route along the footpath

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Beginning the clearing of area to revert to grassland

Working with Chris Wiltshire from the Stinchcombe Hill Trust, volunteers helped clearing trees with ash die back, created log piles in the woodland areas and helped clear scrub from an area to be converted to grassland.

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Some trees we cut down, some trees we support, a typical GVCV supporter in action

The weather couldn’t have been better for a day on the hill as super keen GVCV volunteer David Blatcher noted, ‘I just love these tasks, I don’t know how Candy manages to book the weather. I am going to buy her a pint in the pub on the way home to say thank you’.

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Just look at that sky – location could have been Greece, Spain or Italy, and no passport needed

GVCV is always welcoming new volunteers. If you fancy a day in the sunshine helping the environment, get in touch info@gvcv.org.uk.

A group of people standing in a field

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The happy group, still smiling at the end of a day’s hard graft.

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  1. Thanks for your help. I’m one of the Wednesday volunteers and your help is welcome. Glad the weather was so nice for you.

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