2024.02.11 Bubbs Hill Livery Farm



We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day for our first visit to this site on a very steep slope overlooking the hills and countryside ahead. Our aim was to make clearance of a quite dense hawthorn tree area on bubbs livery farmland over at Cockelford to encourage the Duke of Burgundy butterflies to make this their home.

We had a good team of volunteers support this task and It was quite challenging making our way to the site but we very quickly cut back and made a path through and light work was made of clearing a large area of hawthorn bushes/trees to open it up to grassland.

There was a huge number of plastic tree guards from a previous planting which we removed from site. That alone reduced pollution in the habitat

Here are a few pictures of the site before and after and a casual group photo of the team


The “before” picture

A person walking through a forest

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A group of people on a hill

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A vista of cleared area

A dirt path in a forest

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Cut material formed into in a dead hedge

A group of people sitting on a hill

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End of the day – tired but fulfilled – and the sun came out

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