2022.05.22 Churchdown planting and pond works

Churchdown Park – Gloucester Vale Conservation Volunteers task 22 May 22

This task was arranged to help maintain Churchdown Park – a popular community space – for use by wildlife and by people.

Our regular group was joined by three enthusiastic helpers from Dowty Propellers (a GE subsidiary) who were keen to get outdoors together, build teamwork and contribute to the local community. The Dowty three planted the side of a tump with shrubs that will provide habitat and nectar for butterflies and bees.


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Nearly done

The group also cleared blanket weed from four of five ponds on the site, to prevent de-oxygenation and help pond biodiversity. Excitingly, great crested newts were found during this work (as well as smooth newts, dragonfly larvae and nesting moorhens). Work was curtailed to avoid disturbance to these creatures. Finding and identifying these will help guide appropriate management in future.

Pond clearing

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A healthier pond, showing community use

The team also found other work on the site: clearing nettles from a willow ‘tunnel’, modifying tree guards to help a (GVCV) previously-planted hedge to grow and discovering and clearing some invasive Himalayan balsam which we found on of the site.

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Anthony helping the hedge

C:\Users\David3\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa14084.11851\iCloud Photos\IMG_0076.JPEG

Balsam pulling

Evil Himalayan balsam

C:\Users\David3\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa14084.11851\iCloud Photos\IMG_0079.JPEG

Part of the team – still smiling

We even took time to enjoy a tea break ☺

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