2022.11.20 Churchdown Parish Park

Churchdown Park Task Report

20 Nov 22

Eight volunteers came to the wildlife area near Churchdown Parish Council Offices to help maintain the site, following the management plan which was prepared for the site by Candy. We were welcomed by Ann and Stuart who oversee the popular site for the Parish. The main task was to clear reeds and vegetation from two of the wildlife ponds, to prevent bulrushes from dominating and to provide a diverse habitat.

Trina, Lorraine and Chris getting stuck into the first pond:


Pond two:


Part-way done, Chris and Candy clearing by pulling reeds and cutting tougher ones with shears: IMG_0399.jpg

Nearly there:


One clear pond:


Meanwhile, Dave and Rob cleared brambles around the orchard to prevent the fruit trees from becoming smothered:



Once the ponds were done (and feet warmed up) we all spent a little while tidying up the willow-weave tunnel (Trina and Rob here):


Candy and Anthony also re-staked a tree and removed plastic guards from a hedgeline that is now becoming established.

It was a productive day and we have agreed to look at returning in January to do more willow-weaving, clear the next pond, and move (hopefully) dried reeds into a corner of the site where they can compost down.

Dave B

3 thoughts on “2022.11.20 Churchdown Parish Park”

  1. Greetings. Looks like good fun! We’ll done. — I met David E today and he has volunteered with your team for many years. As I live in Churchdown and enjoy this kind of activity, I wonder if you could let me know next time you meet up? Thanks.

    1. Hi Aaron

      Thanks for expressing an interest in GVCV. Tasks take place on Sundays, normally every other week through the year. No experience is necessary as guidance on the activities of the day and a tools talk is given at every task

      An email notification of task details goes out approximately a week in advance of each task date with contact details for the Task Leader and we ask volunteers to sign up directly with the leader (usually by 8pm on the Friday before a task takes place). This is in order to know numbers for tools and also for giving specific directions. In normal times we try to car share/ provide a pick-up where possible but the current Covid situation precludes this

      GVCV supply tools, gloves and insurance cover. Volunteers should bring their own food and drink for a break/lunchtime. We request that volunteers provide emergency contact details on the day, just in case anything untoward should happen, and their own contact details to allow “track and trace.”

      The task list runs as far as 1 April 2024 at present


      31-Dec-23 Netheridge, Hempsted tba Glos City Council Steve
      08-Jan-24 Café Rene, Gloucester PLANNING GVCV Roger
      20-Jan-24 The Giggling Squid, Cheltenham (Sat) post Christmas meal GVCV Candy
      28-Jan-24 Westgate park, Glouceste Tree planting Glos City Council tba
      11-Feb-24 Bubbs Hill, Elkstone, Cockleford Scrub bashing Butterfly conservation tba
      25-Feb-24 Elmley Castle Tree planting FWAGSW Candy
      10-Mar-24 Netheridge, Hempsted tba Glos City Council Steve
      24-Mar-24 Nosehill farm Clearing quarry face Nosehill farm tba
      01-Apr-24 The Tivoli, Andover Rd, Cheltenham PLANNING GVCV Roger

      I will add you to the circulation list now so you will receive notification of tasks.


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