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2024.02.11 Bubbs Hill Livery Farm



We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day for our first visit to this site on a very steep slope overlooking the hills and countryside ahead. Our aim was to make clearance of a quite dense hawthorn tree area on bubbs livery farmland over at Cockelford to encourage the Duke of Burgundy butterflies to make this their home.

We had a good team of volunteers support this task and It was quite challenging making our way to the site but we very quickly cut back and made a path through and light work was made of clearing a large area of hawthorn bushes/trees to open it up to grassland.

There was a huge number of plastic tree guards from a previous planting which we removed from site. That alone reduced pollution in the habitat

Here are a few pictures of the site before and after and a casual group photo of the team


The “before” picture

A person walking through a forest

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A group of people on a hill

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A vista of cleared area

A dirt path in a forest

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Cut material formed into in a dead hedge

A group of people sitting on a hill

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End of the day – tired but fulfilled – and the sun came out

2022.04.24 Kemerton – lifting non-native daffodils

24.4.22 – Kemerton Woods Nature Reserve Task

On Sunday 24th March 2022, volunteers from GVCV gathered on a beautiful sunny day to help clear hundreds of daffodils in the Kemerton woods. This particular part of the woods had a large area of cultivated daffodils that had spread considerably so needed clearing to give space for native daffodils to make it their home without the worry of hybridising with the cultivated ones.

Here is the picture of the woods before we started the challenge of removal of bulbs.

A close-up of some plants

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The majority of the bulbs were very deep in the ground and we had the extra challenges of digging around the tree roots and various items such as chicken wire and miscellaneous rubble. It was very satisfying when they came free from the ground in clusters 😊


After a very enjoyable days work here is the end result culminating in two very large piles of future ‘compost’ and a cleared area for our native breeds of daffodils to grow their way into.


These are some of my merry helpers who contributed to the successful task.