2016.03.06 Stinchcombe Hill, Dursley – removing Ash saplings

A welcome return to Stinchcombe Hill, managed by Chris Wiltshire for Butterfly Conservation/Stinchcombe Hill Trust. Six GVCV volunteers were joined by two others from Stinchcombe to assist Chris in clearing mostly Ash saplings from an area of former grassland with a view to restoring this for the benefit of butterflies and other invertebrates.


Working on a slope we managed to keep out of the wind which on occasions was pretty cold.  A large area was cleared and Chris followed up by treating stumps to prevent regrowth.

DSCN2456 DSCN2462

It is a great place to work on with some amazing views, come back in May.June and you’ll see what all the effort is for with a variety of butterfly species particularly Blues.


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